The mathematical genius:

A very capable, flexible and yet intuitive metrology software. TANGRAM offers a totally graphical approach with no need to learn any complex programming language and fits each customer need perfectly. TANGRAM is developed for users who need simple, economic, easy to use metrology software that does only what they need. Most metrology software’s on the market today are overly complex with way too many features for the average application and user.  TANGRAM offers the correct balance of functionality, usability and performance and is the final piece of the Flexible Gauging solution and of CMM functionality.

vele As easy as you like


TANGRAM  is Itaca's CMM Measure Software for manual and CNC machines.

TANGRAM is developed for users who like a simple, economic, easy to use SW that does only what they need: measure, without complications.

TANGRAM has a full graphic approach, with no need for the user of learning a programming language.


vele Helpful


  • Direct measure with point guidance
  • Self teaching of the part-program with automatic re-execution
  • Point-to-point and scanning measurements
  • Automatic syntactic analysis of sequences to avoid mistakes
  • Off-line editing and programming

vele Powerful
  • Simplified and advanced reference system creation.
  • From 3-2-1 to fixture-3-sphere best-fitting
  • Simplified probe management with automatic Probe Group calibration and in-program, 100% flexible probe calibration for optimum accuracy
  • Customizable reports in many formats as Text, DMIS standard, Excel, HTML .
  • Graphical, in-line element reporting easing element form and position deviation evaluation.
vele Complete  



  • Geometric tolerancing and relations between elements
  • Measurements may be stored in a Access database, thus be accessed by any application for special calculations, statistics, integration to other applications
  • Dry-run mode for checking program flow
  • Special calculations may be added with a Pascal-like inner language for advanced users


vele CAD interface

Complete CAD integration with VDA, IGES, STEP, DXF formats.

  • Integrates the powerful CAD engine qvi from QVI
  • Measurement planning and part-program generation
  • Direct integration with graphical reporting.
  • Reports are automatically generated with little effort by the programmer
  • Direct, one-shot part alignment and comparison of surface deviations with captivating graphic output
  • Part alignment is automatically repeated at each execution, thus making it easy the use of Tangram CAD for incoming part inspection .
  • Multiple CAD loading.
  • Surface editing


vele Data Filtering

Measured point may be flexibly filtered for optimum accuracy to remove probe noise or surface roughness.

An extensive filter set is available for fitting all needs:

  • Gaussian per ISO16610-31 on any profile form
  • Moving Average
  • Slew-Rate (our specialist for scanning of straight profiles)
  • Outliers
  • Geometrical (for chosing areas of interest in wider point clouds)
vele Reporting
  Various standard formats, as DMIS, Excel, HTML, can be selected in order to organize data outputs at customer's convenience.
The results of part-program execution can be grouped
in textual or graphical reports and can be set up by means of special capabilities allowing:
  • editing of dedicated headers and drawing labels ordering and naming features
  • Tabulated results with classical in-tol / critical / out-of-tol deviations
  • Graphical, analytical display of profiles measured with identification of max-min deviation points and captivating color outlining
  • detailed output of single points of the scanned element to ease the analysis of anomalies
vele Advanced Dynamic Thermal Compensation


  • Proprietary thermal compensation of machine axes and part temperatures.
  • Practically unlimited number of sensors for customized thermal compensation in hard environments
  • Real time, advanced part compensation with multiple part sensors for the measurement of parts with uneven temperature distribution.
  • Sensors may be switched on and off depending on the need and convenience of best evaluation of local part expansion.
  • Non-linear compensation of part temperature for hot-machined parts
vele Integration with Statistical Process Control


Interface to SPC is available through the history Database or specific interface to Q-Das systems
vele Geometrical compensation of CMM errors

Full geometrical compensation of machine geometrical errors with

  • conventional 21-26 parameter approach
  • advanced "Lattice" compensation
vele Automation and I/O Management

system panel barcode


Management of automation environment by:

  • Statements in a Tangram part program
    may handle Inputs and Outputs available on the controller for direct management of lamps, selectors, pushbuttons and selectors and activation of relays or electrovalves.
    This will costlessly manage load/unload systems for automatic part routing and may supply part status information to operator panels. I/O may be used for synchonization of robot interfacing.
  • Front-end applications
    taylor made, using the "automation server" structure of Tangram, allow creation of a simplified layer for the operator, presenting the data in a personalized way or integrating the measuring machine with the automation environment for data exchange with Part-Code Reader or Marking Machine or Data Collection Database or any other need for cell or factory automation.
vele Coping with demanding requirements of Aerospace and Automobile industry
Process control front-end

Tangram does the management of Measurement Uncertainty
The measured data are used for issuing reports including calculation of the
measurement uncertainty (License applies).

This module allows Tangram to operate in Comparator Mode.
Part is compared with the last stored measures of a "Golden Part".The resulting deviations are output, based on the known "trusted" values of the master part. Ideal for very hard environment and production oriented cells