Version 4.00.01 of Tangram issued.
A flexGauge-T16 has been shown at Buchs Produktionmesstechnik Fachtagung.
Version 4.00.01 of Tangram issued.
Functions for Wrapping-Unwrapping of 2D profiles to Cylindrical geometries: the best tool for cylindrical cams!  
Special 2D <-> 3D transformation  
A new functionality has been added in Tangram to convert flat profiles, normally modeled in DXF format, into 3D path wrapped around a cylinder.
Then the opposite procedure is also available: unwrap 3D profile from a cylinder surface back to a 2D representation.
This is perfect for the inspection of many cylindrical component, like cylinder cams and hubs, where grooves or attachment elements are drawn and dimensioned unwrapped (in the "angle world").
2D to Cylinder geometry
Drum cam

Converting 2D description in 3D allows unprecedented speed in generating part measurement programs without effort.

The 3D measured data will be then projected back to the 2D environment for the geometrical evaluation.


On the regenerated 2D measured elements all Tangram geometry calculations may be applied, thus allowing to determine specific points of the profile and sync points

2D to Cylinder geometry


A flexGauge-T16 has been shown at Buchs Produktionmesstechnik Fachtagung.

Many thanks to Pantec hospitality and to customers visiting our booth!

At the Produktionmesstechnik Fachtagung a FlexGauge-T16 was showing an application of measurement of a CV joint, both internal and external components.

Cycle time for measuring the geometry of the ball raceway and the main geometry of the joint: 50".


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