Controller HW

Itaca supplies and integrates all the needed electronic packages for your CMM for new supplies and retrofits.


vele i-Man  

Our all-in-one i-Man controller is a perfect solution for the manual machines.

It supports manual machines with digital encoders and touch-trigger probe.

It is compatible with Itaca's CMM software Tangram

It is installed in 5 minutes and may transform your old, reliable CMM into a partner ready for next productive years.

Together with Tangram CAD it is the perfect unexpensive solution for CAD verify tasks.

The complete retrofit package for a manual CMMs with Electronics, Tangram with CAD extension for direct CAD comparison is only 2,500 Euro!!

For machines with analogic encoders Itaca may supply suitable interpolators thus avoid unnecessarily expensive replacing the encoders


Retrofit package complete of
i-Man + Tangram license + CAD comparison
3,500 Euro!

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Pantec-based CNC controller


Controllers from Pantec are unrivalled for performance and flexibility.

Available in different configuration for all needs:

  • Small power point-to-point CMMs
  • High power point-to-point and scanning CMMs
  • Scanning option for SP25 and SP80
  • Direct management of TP200 and PH10
  • Fourth axis
  • Dual drive management

It integrates perfectly with all configurations of Itaca's CMM SW Tangram


Renishaw UCCLite-based CNC controller


Controllers from Renishaw are a market standard for completeness of solution, integrating all the line of Renishaw's sensors.

UCCLite-based controllers are a low-cost solution for little-medium power machines for the un-sophisticated base needs.

It is integrated wit Itaca's Tangram directly or through the i++ interface

  • Point-to-point CMMs
  • All point-to-point probes are integrated
  • Management of PH10
ucc2   i++

Renishaw UCC2-based CNC controller


Controllers from Renishaw are a market standard for completeness of solution, integrating all the line of Renishaw's sensors.

It is integrated wit Itaca's Tangram through the i++ interface

  • Point-to-point CMMs
  • Scanning CMMs
  • All probes and heads from Renishaw are integrated
  • Management of PH20 (Licence applies) and Revo
ucc2   i++

Controller of Baces3D Articulated Arm


Tangram has a direct interface to Baces3D articulated arms from Fliulrobot.

The pair made of Tangram CAD and Baces3D arms can be the best buy on the market for the CAD verify of free forms with the advantage of getting a complete advanced prismatic package too.

Baces3D Articulated arm
bolt i-TBox-02
Digital thermal sensor interface box

The i-TBOx-02 is Itaca's new thermal interface for supporting thermal compensation of machine and part expansion coefficients.

Axes and part temperatures are measured by digital 1-Wire® sensors mounted in convenient cartridges easily mountable on granite or aluminium surfaces.

Temperature is automatically read by Tangram and used for compensating the machine's and part expansions.

Our advanced temperature compensation strategy allows multiple sensors to be deployed on the part, each used alone or in groups for the compensation of uneven temperature distributions.

To fit the most sophisticate needs also a non linear compensation may be applied to bulky parts coming out of a machining activity, where the inner temperature may be significantly different from the outside.

More than one sensor may be used for each axis and real time compensation of first and second order


OEM CMM retrofit package:
1x i-TBox-02 +3x axis sensors + 1x magnetic part sensor +12m cable + spare connectors and joints:
850 Euro!

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